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Born in Madrid, capital of Spain, he grew up being the fourth brother of seven. From a very early age he learned from his older brothers the love for music. He grew up close to the radio where he recorded his own tapes and then play them on the radio of his school where he participated as volunteer. That love for radio and music led him to have his own program when he was only 16 years old in the town where he spent summers. Always learning from the elders brothers and the good music of those wonderful 80s ”, he bought his first technics turntable and began to collect his particular collection of vinyls that today continues growing.

His musical influences always came from the electronic music from Spain, Germany and UK, being some of the most popular bands Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Front 242, Split Second, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode, Interfront, Peter Murphy ... Currently his music repertoire is quite wide being able to play in the same session different musical styles that adapt to the needs of both the venue and the clients. This musical variety ranges from Latin Music, R&B, Remember 70 "80" 90 ", Spanish music, Commercial dance (radio hits), EDM, Deep house, NU-disco, Downtempo, Jazzy house, Afro House, Soulfoul, Ethnic music…

After more than two years of practice, he learned in an self-taught way how an electronic song is articulated and fit the bpm with vinyl, he started working as a DJ in lounges, weddings and small events, playing from Spanish to house music, EBM and the electro and funky that was popular at that moment.

From 1993 to 1999 he started working professionally in different clubs in Madrid as "13-58", "Porch club", "Mondino" and "Oh Madrid" among others, reaching his peak to have residence in the “Specka” room, the only cult club in Spain with more than 30 years of history, where, as of today he still play when is in Spain, and is one of the referents of the underground panorama of Madrid that are still open. During those years he shared station with DJs that today are a reference in the international electronic scene such as Oscar Mulero or Cristian Varela with whom he came to work in his record store “Phrenetic Society”

Over three summers from 1996 to 1998 he worked in clubs like "Oh Marbella" (2,500 people) and "The key" (800 people) getting know as a reference DJ in the electronic panorama in Marbella and Madrid.

In 2000 Dj Tommy Luna decides to temporarily leave the nightlife work and only plays in the “Specka” room where his “remember” sets are still today a claim for the people of that golden age of the electronic music of those years 1992-1998.

In 2012, a new stage begins as a DJ in Dubai where his first residence is at Carter's within the WAFI complex. Combining his experience as a sound technician, helps and organizes different events that take place in the hotel (tribute to Gypsy Kings, Opera Events , Kings Parade, New Year Eve)

In 2015, he started working in Penthouse 25 at the Ocean View (JBR) hotel where, together with the whole team, he received the second prize for the best opening of the year.

From 2016 and 2018 Dj Tommy Luna works in different venues such as Toro Blanco in the private islands of World Island, GuGu Boat, Le petitt Belge, Tapas House and Cielo Sky Lounge.

In 2019 he makes a professional leap and starts as a promoter to led the thematic party “Studio 54” that takes place in Pure Sky eventually, in parallel, together with the company “En Espanol” develops the concept “the party” the which leads him to play on different venues every month.


In 2021, after the stoppage caused by COVID, he began his new residence in one of the most exclusive areas of Dubai, DIFC, playing from Monday to Friday at BOCA. Venue awarded with several awards for its excellent wines, food and atmosphere.

In this short period of time in BOCA, his experience in the booth has been notorious in some important events like VVIP from UAE government itself.

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